TAC Fitness Classes


Personal training at home and mask-free on your schedule. All multi-session packages include a free 30 minute consultation to customize the program based on your goals, history, and preferences. We can also work with whatever equipment you do (or don't) have.

Have a pretty good idea of what to do but just need some help staying on track? Each month includes a 30 minute virtual session to set goals and strategize. I will then check in with you via phone, email or text 3 times a week to be sure you're doing your fitness homework. Even better, find a partner! Strategy sessions happen jointly so we can have even greater accountability and support for a lower per person cost. 

I am so excited about this program. I have partnered with my dear friend and incredible coach Daydree Horner to offer a complete package including guided meditations w/coaching with Daydree, fitness sessions with me and healthy home eating tips and cooking sessions with both of us. Launch into your next level of fitness and wellness with two coaches who are in your corner. You've got this, and we've got