I Believe That

Health is Wealth!

We've got to move. We've got to fit health into our lives and it's got to be joyful and goal oriented. Whether you're just getting into exercise again or you're an experienced athlete, I'm committed to supporting you with training, classes and accountability. I offer a number of programs, both online and in person, to help you reach your goals. Wherever you are starting from, it's all good!

That's exactly where we will start. 


I teach classes in person (at TAC Fitness in Basalt, CO) as well as online (via Zoom). More online classes coming this Fall including another Stable and Able time slot and one of my favorites called Stretch and Strengthen. 

I offer Personal Training both online via Zoom, Facetime, Google Duo (or whatever works for you) and in-person at TAC Fitness.

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